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Well Done is the production division of the WellHouse and we’ve partner with the best!

ATLAS PRODUCTIONS  is a full service production company, working with still and motion clients across the USA and around the world. With close to 20 years of experience providing production for the top talent in the fashion and commercial advertising industries. Art Buying. Complete Production. Celebrity Experience. Calm, Professional Service.

ATLAS projects have taken them far afield - from the shores of the Rio Grande to the dark of early afternoon Alaska, from the Cliffs of Moher to the winding roads of the Caucasus, from the smog-filled streets of Beijing to the still of an Argentinian mountaintop.

The same preparation and care that support such projects and their crews goes into all ATLAS does – from a one-day studio shoot to a multi-day, international travel job.

Around the corner. Around the world ATLAS has you covered.

recent production / Martin Parr / Vogue

Theo Wenner / Self service

Theo Wenner / Vogue


ATLAS / clients / agencies / partners

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