Color trends are important. And when interpreted correctly, taking into account your brand heritage and your end consumers work play life, color can transform a brand seasonally even if the product remains the same. The purpose of the COLORLAB is to work with brands, their internal design, product managers and marketing teams. The goal is to help a brand understand, interpret and apply color trends in a way that is uniquely their own.

The COLORLAB Workshop runs 8hrs - Workshops may be applied over 2 days on request. Footwear COLORLAB Workshops run 12hrs and will automatically be spread over 2 days).

Brands are provided with a customized seasonal Color Card and all mood boards that are used in the COLORLAB workshop presentation.

COLORLAB Workshop Follow-Up is a mini-workshop check-in. Clients can choose to have us review their seasonal color applications with internal design teams, product managers and marketing allowing them to tweak color applications and troubleshoot color stories. Follow-Up workshops run *6hrs and are held over 1 day.

*Fees apply to follow-up workshops. Footwear clients will run longer due to larger SKU counts and multiple deliveries. Any LAB and a follow-up LAB that runs over 6hrs will automatically be scheduled over 2 days.

For information on fees and to make a COLORLAB appointment contact us at

* Please Note: LAB workshops are very specific and although they are in-depth and tailored specifically to a brand, they do not include product design, creative or design direction. Please contact us if you would like to set an appointment to discuss the full range of our services at